May 1st is International Bereaved Mother’s Day

Today, May 1st is International Bereaved Mother’s Day. I never knew this day existed. Until I did. I know some of us are new friends. You may not know that part of me now lives in

Heaven. I have a beautiful son, his name is Tristen. No, that’s not a typo, I meant to say have… not had. You have met him, each time you step into Nest, you are greeted with him, our

family's love for him, and what I hope for each of you. You see, my boy was so tender. He struggled with self-worth. Still to this day that baffles me. He was the sweetest, kindest boy, who grew into a man with a hippie heart and a bright spirit. He struggled with addiction. It was a very difficult road. One I pray you never know. He hated to disappoint us. What a cycle you see, it’s all so complicated. My beautiful boy left the pain of this world in August of 2020. We were shattered, To say the least. We all grieve differently. I had the promise that I would see him again, holding tight to that, I had to throw myself into something I could do. The nest was it. I struggled to find joy, feeling happiness. I realized when customers would come into the store, laugh, and giggle, I would for brief moments feel their joy. My desire to share the fun fact that you are enough, messy life, cuss words if you drink a little… or a lot, if you have

made some big mistakes, or even if you just think the tea towel with bad words on it is funny, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are worthy of Jesus’ love. He loves you just as you are, right where you are, and I do too, so much. So please, next time you step into Nest, laugh a little louder, it blesses me. If you need a hug, I got you. If you have a child or spouse with addiction, please feel no shame, you can talk to us. If you too have half your heart in heaven, PLEASE tell me about your person. I want to know, hold space for you there. Speak Tristen's name to me, ask me about him. If I happen to cry, don’t feel bad, that’s just extra love leaking from my eyes. It’s such a gift to hear his name. Jesus doesn’t care about the messy, he cares about you, and so do I.

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