I sit here after I have locked the doors on the final day of 2021. I am reflecting back on what an unbelievable year it really has been. I think this may be the first time I have stopped to catch my breath, but please do not mistake that this is the first time that I have been overcome with gratitude. As I type these words tears are flowing down my face. It is impossible for me to believe what we, and by we I mean my unbelievable tribe have accomplished this year. This little store on Main Street, well it is magical. It has been a source of joy that has been missing from my life since losing my precious son in 2020. Being here, hearing the joy and the laughter that happens when people stumble upon a crocheted penis or the perfect soap flower for mom, you see we're complicated like that, has been soul filling. On days when my heart has been so heavy, when I couldn't find my own joy, it was you, my amazing customers, my unbelievable staff, and my precious little family that carried me, and for that gift you will never know how grateful I am. Thank you for believing in me, for shopping with us, for holding hands with us, but most of all, for sharing your joy with me. 2022 had better get ready for us, we've got some mighty big things to do, sending you all love, grace, joy, and 1 million reasons to smile.

In His Love....


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