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I have had the blessing of being a nail tech for over 25 years working with amazing women, who are my closest and dearest friends. In 2020 when the pandemic and restrictions in our industry forced us to downsize we made the very difficult decision to find a smaller place. Nikki and I moved into what we call our “Covid Home” now also known as “Baby Nest.” We decided to make the best out of a horrible situation...including a small boutique in our space to add an additional opportunity for revenue.


Amazingly the boutique blossomed, bringing much joy into such a dark time for not only us, but for our clients.  It has now grown to include three locations! Two of our locations have nail services and the newest Nest in Parker, CO also includes hair services. We hope you enjoy the time you spend with us in the flock!

More about me…… I’ve always been known for my snarky sense of humor; I walk the line a little bit between “appropriate” and “did she just really say that?” so that is how I curated the items in the Boutique……it’s definitely a cross between I love you and crazy town.

More about my journey…..and the love you’ll find in the boutique.

In August 2020 our family experienced the devastating loss of our oldest son, Tristen. Fentanyl and addiction took the life of one of the most tender souls I have ever known. Along with him went a huge part of me. Everyone faces grief in different ways,

I found myself throwing myself into the boutique. It was an escape. It wasn’t evident then, but so very evident now God was using the boutique to help me in my pain.

I described it to a friend – when you lose a child, it’s very difficult to find true, deep joy ever again – the kind that you can just completely lose yourself in. Because while you are present here and have so much to be grateful for, there is a part of your heart that now lives in heaven.


I realized that one day as I stood at the back of the store and I heard the people who were shopping laughing, and snickering about things, many of them just a little inappropriate, but a complete reflection of who I am, I realized that bringing other people joy fills my soul. Sometimes I love to close my eyes and just listen...I can lose myself in the happiness. I can even meet them there in that joyful place. I can share with the world that I love and am loved by Jesus who loves me just as I am. That I am worthy of his grace and his forgiveness just like my son was, even in all of our imperfections.


So I guess I should really thank everyone who shops at Nest as you and your happiness are part of my healing. Just like scattered twigs and branches on the ground that have now been gathered up and somehow woven together, bound by the Creator, you are all of the pieces that make up who I am, that inspire the laughter and comfort of the Nest.


And my hope and prayer is that when you visit us, first and foremost you feel accepted, that you know that you are always good enough, even if you say bad words sometimes.


And that you never forget how very much both Jesus and I love you.


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I have had the pleasure of holding hands with Dawn every three weeks for almost ten years now! I truly would never trust anyone else to do my nails as beautifully as she does, and the conversation can't be beat. Not to mention, I always find something cute in the amazing boutique to take home with me. I love Nest and know you will too!

Caitlin Smith